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There is a lot of thoughts since Porsche announced and started producing their first electric model Porsche Taycan which is a new Tesla’s competitor. However, let’s dive into this together.


I think it is not a secret to you how many Teslas’ cars cost and which range the battery has in km. First of all, I recommend to start from Tesla because their electric cars exist longer than the Taycan model( 2020). Accordingly to official Tesla’s website, United States region, Tesla model S Long Range Plus costs $63,920 and Range( EPA est.) is 646 km( 402 mi). Indeed, Performance will cost you $86,490, and Range( EPA est.) will be 622 km( 387 mi). Please, do not be surprise, Tesla model S Performance has lower Range but it drives faster from 0-60 mph( 2,3s) then Tesla model S Long Range Plus and it, also, has higher max speed( 163 mph or 262 km/h). Furthermore, the price for Tesla model S Long Range Plus is lowered now.

aut1_new.jpg    aut2_new.jpg


For now, let’s take a tour to Porsche AG USA. As far a you noticed, the price starts from $103,800 for Porsche Taycan. Let me present you a table with Taycan models and options below.





0–60 mph (97 km/h)

0–100 km/h (62 mph)

Top speed


Taycan 4S

390 kW   

2,140 kg

3.8 seconds

4.0 seconds

250 km/h (155 mph)

333–407 km (207–253 mi)

Taycan 4S (Performance Battery Plus)

420 kW

2,220 kg

3.8 seconds

4.0 seconds

250 km/h (155 mph)

386–463 km (240–288 mi)

Taycan Turbo

500 kW

2,305 kg

3.0 seconds

3.2 seconds

260 km/h (162 mph)

381–450 km (237–280 mi)

Taycan Turbo S

560 kW

2,295 kg

2.6 seconds

2.8 seconds

260 km/h (162 mph)

388–412 km (241–256 mi)


Well, we know that the basic price for standard Porsche Taycan is $103,800, indeed, if you want more luxury and extra things, you will pay much more. For instance, Taycan Turbo S starts from $185,000 and if trust uncle google, the most expensive version of this posh car is $241,500. It means that ordinary Taycan Turbo S will cost you as much as 3 Tesla model S Long Range Plus. Also, Tesla has bigger Range than Taycan, more than 100 mi( 160 km) above. Although, Tesla wins these challenges, Porsche is still a higher market segment because it is more about luxury and comfort. On the other hand, Tesla is the leading car in autopilot’s realm. It seems obvious that it is better to buy a Tesla than Porsche but it is, also, good to remember that the Porsche has its key feature in opulence and it is the only one electric car which has 2 transmissions.


aut3.jpg   aut4.jpg

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